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cool background

you can forget the rest

Pumpkin Raid Pumpkin Raid

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haha, that was fun

I loved every second

LordOfKetchup responds:

why thank you kind furry creature

{2006} cursor-mania {2006} cursor-mania

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der-Wahnsinn responds:

thank you!

{2006} Snake v 2.00 {2006} Snake v 2.00

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the poor fruits... :(

but hey :frog:

[MC] Santa's Sleigh [MC] Santa's Sleigh

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What ?

Score: 2,03 ? This is too low...good job wesdood. I have no idea what going on there

wesdood responds:

all the people are racists

Sky Fire Sky Fire

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Well...the game is great

but why this stupit nazi plot ? I mean ww2 is over, germany is allied with america and europe and the whole world. There is no need to enforce the picture of the evil germans. You know, i am german, and half of the games for pc that came out in the last 6 months play in the ww2. Why ? This is so stupit, the killing of germans is glorified, when i play battlefield 2 or batllefield 1942 at british servers, and the get to know that i am german, at least 5 of them write that i am "fucking nazi" and that i should "go and fuck eva braun!" and stuff. When i play Warcraft 3 and aski f there are germans in the chatroom, i get kicked with because i am german. This all happened. And now another "kill all germans" game. Why don't you make a game where you can bomb dresden ? Why not? It is sure fun ! Dresden was bombed donw into the ground, but there was no anti air, no tanks, only 10 soldiers. Allied nations bombed down 1500 years of history and destroyed the whole german identity there. Would be a great game eh ? Why not a tycoon game where you lead the world fist KZ, in the uk, because they invented them ? Why donT' you play in a russian KZ, they were active till the 1987 ! Sounds like fun, am i right ? There is a german history before ww2. Germany started 1 war since the year 1700. This was ww2. WW1 was started by russia and the uk and stuff. And after the france, russia, and the uk won the war, they obressed germany with unbelieveable financial problems. The people were getting poorer and poorer, till they were desperate enough to vote for hitler. The rest is history. After the ww2, russia took the richest and most industrial part of germany and created the DDR, a communist project that failed terrible and gave the other half of the ancient "Preu├čen" to poland. So, the richest part of germany was away, and in 1989, about 50 years later, we got the DDR back in our Nation, but it was ruined. Completely ruined. The people were so poor, it is incredible. Imagine how the USA would be today, if they would have the ancient USSR into their nation ? Hm ? They would be ruined today. And so is germany. Because of the stupit ww2. And now you made another glorified game about it...

Overall....great game. But the plot was...well...i made my point clear.

Sadly a good job mate...

The Worth Meter The Worth Meter

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great flash

Good to see you are a new member of the academy.

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HALO Stress Releiver 2 HALO Stress Releiver 2

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this was shit

Really....not funny and/or cool.....just shit